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Current Google News about Friends
More about Quakers

"Silent Worship and Quaker Values" - a pamphlet

Wikipedia article on Quakers

Quakerfinder: Find a Friends Meeting. If you are looking for a nearby Quaker meeting, or one anywhere in the U.S., this will find it.  It is also a very good place to start if you want to learn about Quakerism.

Friends General Conference (FGC): A national association of liberal unprogrammed Quaker meetings.  Great source of information, and includes an online bookstore.

Quaker Information Center:  A gateway to Quakerism. A myriad of Quaker information and links.

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC):  "Quaker values in action."  Carries out service, development, social justice, and peace programs throughout the world.

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL): The Quaker lobby for peace, justice and care for the earth, in Washington, D.C.

North Branch Friends Meeting and Sterling Worship Group are members of Upper Susquehanna Quarterly Meeting and Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Publications Online

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice


The life of George Fox in less than three minutes

The Quakers
: A short, well-done, young student's history video. The end is a bit off, but most of the video is good. About 3 minutes.

Videos from Watford Friends Meeting
in the UK
An Introduction to Quakers
An Introduction to Quakers, pt. 2
What do Quakers Believe about God?
The Quaker Testimonies
Quakers and the Bible
Are Quakers Christians?
Quakers and Other Religions
Quaker Business Method
Quakers: White and Middle Class?
Quakers: Woolly-Minded Liberals?

A Very Short Introduction to Quakerism, from the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Center. Seven one-hour segments.

Quaker Voices Podcast: a series of interviews conducted by the High School First Day Class of Live Oak Friends Meeting, Houston, TX, in 2005-2006

Barbara Lewis' interview on WJFF (Catskills NPR), with her co-chair, about the Awakening the Dreamer symposium. The interview was aired April 20, 2009; the symposium took place on May 2, 2009. Play or Download MP3

Friends of Friends

This is a partial list of organizations supported by one or more of our members and attenders as individuals.

Interfaith Resource Center for Peace and Justice
Osterhout Free Library

Resource Pages

These pages include links to background material and organizations involved in issues of concern to individuals associated with our meeting. They do not necessarily reflect the sense of our meeting on any topic, and--as always--individuals may have different perspectives on these issues.

Abolition of Modern Slavery
Freecycling and community cooperation
Green Architecture
Internet Safety
Military Counter-Recruitment in Schools
Parenting for Nonviolence
Simple Living

Theology & Philosophy

Theologies: Modern Quakers integrate a great variety of religious traditions into their spiritual practice. This page lists resources for Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan, Nontheist,  Universalist, and other Quakers.

Women's Speaking: Justified, Proved, and Allowed of by the Scriptures, by Margaret Fell

Example and Testimony of the Early Christians on the Subject of War, by Jonathan Dymond

Some Principles of the Elect People of God called Quakers, by George Fox, 1661

Six epistles from Margaret Fell

Epistles from George Fox

Three essays from John Woolman

Scriptural Evidence that the Word of God is not the Bible, by Jenny Duskey, Glenside Friends Meeting

Fun and Games

Fun and Games for our youngest Friends: A few sites with fun activities for young children. These are not specifically Quaker sites, but do provide free, usually educational, activities in keeping with Friends' testimonies.

Assorted Sacred Texts

King James Bible
Other translations of the Bible
Tanakh, including the Torah
Other Jewish Texts
Book of Mormon

Quaker History: ebooks

A Brief Account of the Rise and Progress of the People Called Quakers, by William Penn

A Sermon Preached at the Quaker's Meeting House, in Gracechurch-Street, London, Eighth Month 12th, 1694
, by William Penn
A Portraiture of Quakerism
, by Thomas Clarkson: Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3

The Quaker Colonies, a chronicle of the proprietors of the Delaware, by Sydney George Fisher

A Book of Quaker Saints
, by Lucy Violet Hodgkin

Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker
, by Silas Weir Mitchell

Cyrus Pringle's Diary: The Record of a Quaker Conscience
, with an introduction by Rufus M. Jones

Anonymous Hicksite and Orthodox pamphlets from just before the 1827 separation

Odds & Ends

Quakers You May Recognize: Friends who made a difference in science, politics, human rights, the arts, and other fields

Guide to Quaker Blogs: There'll be a section in our library spotlighting some of these and other Quaker Blogs soon, but this guide will do for now.

Meeting Websites from  around the World

Berkeley Monthly Meeting (Berkeley, CA, USA)

Fifteenth Street Monthly Meeting (Manhattan, NY, USA)

Pima Monthly Meeting (Tucson, AZ, USA)

Sarasota Monthly Meeting (Sarasota, FL, USA)

Strawberry Creek Meeting (Berkeley, CA, USA)

Tokyo Quakers Monthly Meeting (Tokyo, Japan)

Resources Related to Testimonies

Social Justice
Criminal Justice
Individual and State

Featured Friends is Mary Jo Elliott's site. She, her husband Russ, and their two sons Seth and Sam are Friends living in Susquehanna County, PA.